Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What have we here?

We interrupt our daily Mongolia post to bring you a message about our sponsors, er...giftors?

Yesterday, Josh and I got into a little bit of a tiff, mostly because I was trying to tell him a story and he fell asleep on me. But, in his defense, he was really really tired, and had a headache, and I realize that I probably jabber at him a little too close to bedtime much more often than I should.

And so, it was a pleasant way to end our squabble when he pointed out that there was a notice on the door when he came home yesterday. After staring at the Chinese for a few minutes in hopes that it would make sense to me (and then looking at the note underneath it, which showed ours and our friend Florence's addresses), I finally ascertained that we had a package waiting for us somewhere. Ooh la la!

Today, Josh and I left Caochangdi (aka CCD, where I intern) early so we could swing by this mysterious location to pick up our package. By this time, Flo had already hinted to me that the package wasn't just from her...

When we arrived at the Express Mailing Service (EMS), we were amazed that anything ever gets mailed correctly in China, because there were boxes strewn around everywhere, and it took a couple of minutes before I could even get anyone's attention to help me. I handed them my slip, and they scurried around for a while before locating IT in this big ol' bin. The thing was huge!

After carrying it to a dumpling restaurant, then cabbing home, I was ready to tear into the thing. We don't have a picture of the box as a whole, because I guess I was too busy busting it open:
From Beijing Dou

Note the look of glee.

Apparently, my high school friends had taken it upon themselves to make sure we are well nutritioned...
From Beijing Dou

I would like to take this moment to point out that no matter what stage of life I meet my friends in, they are all convinced that my nasal problems are going to be the death of me. Now, Josh and I each have our very own neti pot! ;)

Next on their list was making sure we'll never be bored:
From Beijing Dou

From Beijing Dou

(That's a set of Travel Scrabble I'm tinkering around with.)

They even sent us bowls. Bowls! All because they read that we shared one cereal bowl in the mornings. Hahahaha.
From Beijing Dou

And, we got another Marianne creation, which is always nice:
From Beijing Dou

Of course, what's a care package without some gummies for Josh to chew on?
From Beijing Dou

And last, but most definitely not least, our friends decided that we needed that much less room on our bed:
From Beijing Dou

Totoro and Turtle, meet Mengniu (which means "Mongolian Cow," also my favorite brand of yogurt here in Beijing).

Seriously, why do our friends know us so well? Down to our nasal irrigation needs? Thanks, all you lovelies (+ Jerry haha) for making us feel very loved! There's no escaping the fact that we are incredibly blessed.

And now, for some neti pot action...


Vicky said...

wow, that neti pot thing looks cool. I have a lot of nasal those things work??

marianne said...

whaaaaat? no crying? nuts. haha. i'm just excited that it made you so happy it got an entry! hahah.

leslie said...

there's something about receiving a care package that makes you feel really cared for!

Linda? said...

i knew the neti pot would come in handy! i love that thing... tho it can sting my eyes if it's really plugged. hehe =) love you guys

J.Dou said...

I'd like to everyone to know that the picture of you and the scrabble board came in between multiple exclamations of "Brilliant!" and "Genius!" as you marveled over the advanced technology.

Amy said...

how cuuute. mengniu...hehe. btw, what IS your bj address? (i kno i should kno this, but i don't)