Thursday, January 21, 2010

Behold the Bacon Cake

I made this bad boy back in October for DC's birthday and never got around to posting it. But how could I not submit this to the internetz in all its caloric glory?

The idea was to make a cake that wasn't too sweet. So I got to thinking: "Hmm, what isn't sweet?" Bacon. Although the last few seasons of Top Chef have submitted evidence to the contrary, we all know the adage: "Everything's better with bacon."

I started with Betty Crocker's pancake recipe, but spread them thinner around the pan to make a bigger base. In between layers of pancakes, I alternated between butter, bacon, maple syrup, and chocolate chips (Special thanks to Liz who brought us premium Québécois syrup when she visited). I frosted with a Dark Chocolate Butter Maple Ganache, based on Eat Drink Live's Pancake Cake, which was in turn taken from Martha Stewart. And for the finishing touch, of course, I crumbled bacon around the outside of the cake.

I'd like to tell you it was a big hit, but I had meant to use maple bacon and somehow got a different brand, so the bacon ended up being too savory. We kept the leftovers from the party and had slices for breakfast the next few days, reheated then drizzled with some maple syrup, which was actually very tasty.

Not bad for a first shot at glory. I guess I'll have to make it again for someone else to really perfect my technique.


Amy said...

o.m.g. ... are you SERIOUS? and it was GOOD? ... i guess i can see that. i kno of a chocolate covered bacon bar, but i can't imagine what it'd taste like. *thinking. no, can't imagine. sorry. guess you'll just have to make it for me someday.

J.Dou said...

Sure, I'll make it for you. Next time you're in Beijing?

Amy said...

haha, REALLY?? i dono when i'll be in bj again though. but get this, i went to my friend's house the other day and he had 2 jars of "bacon jam" to go with some crepes he made. it was surprisingly good with fruit jam.

J.Dou said...

ohh, i've heard about that stuff but never tried it. i've read recipes on how to make it online. it's scary how much lard is up in there.

Amy said...

don't tell me that.