Friday, November 02, 2012


I'm trying to get a new blog off the ground using Wordpress, which I find easier to work with. Actually, it's been a while since I logged into Blogger, so it's nice to see they've cleaned up the interface. It used to be so sluggish.

I'll be doing my personal writing over at (and you can find my professional writing over at The Next Web or the Beijinger).

Oh, and I have some news, but you've probably figured it out already. M and I are expecting a baby. ZOMG. You can read a bit more about it in my first post over at the new site.

You can keep tabs on me over there to watch me freak out about as I get ready to be a father. And there's always the possibility that I'll end up back here with my tail between my legs.

Also, now that M has adopted the dou/豆/bean branding as well, we're toying with the idea of building it out more. It just probably won't be here. We'll keep you posted though.

Much toodles,

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