Monday, July 21, 2008

Eaten...A List

Here's a list of a few of the things we've tried so far:

Not bad, actually. A stringier version of beef.

Bull Frog
For those of you well acquainted with French cuisine, frog must be nothing out of the ordinary for you, but I, on the other hand, do not see food when I look at our amphibian friend. Marilyn says it tastes like chicken and fish; for that is what it is. The frog was served in a mini-wok on top of a flame, but somehow I picked up the piece on top which was both anatomically unrecognizable and cold, an extremely unpleasant combination.

Congealed Blood
I've always thought this particular item was a terrible idea for food. I can think of choice few foods that would benefit from 'congellation,' and blood is certainly not one of them. I actually didn't know what this was at the time, and we were at a nice dinner with family friends, so as it kept appearing on my plate, I just ate without asking any questions. It looked like the Sichuan style fish served with all the peppers and oil; except it had the texture of...well, congealed blood.

Assorted Livers
I'm sure some of you paté-philes out there have no qualms whatsoever about eating all manner of liver. But, again, the texture really gets to me. It looks solid, but you don't so much bite it as smush it around in your mouth.

Cow Tongue
Ahh...the food that tastes you back.

All in all, it's actually a pretty tame list. I've avoided most insects, arachnids, and larvae, and would prefer to keep it so. There's some people in the program who are interested in trying dog, so I may go with them. I've had it before and it tasted like spam, but other people who've had it tell me it's actually quite tasty. I'll try and update the list as we try more exotic stuff.


Tawny said...

hahaha my favorite comment: cow tongue: the food that tastes you back. did you invent that? you're a genius.

J.Dou said...

haha no, I've heard it from a few people. I think I heard it from Todd first.

Katrina said...

let me know when you've tried monkey brain :) hahahahaha

i was watching food network and saw one of those crazy guys eating bat. Looked really creepy, but interesting!!!

The Gigglepuss said...

you mean spam isn't tasty?

J.Dou said...

spam's totally tasty. but it's just kind of weird that the dog i tried tasted like spam. so I want to try this other tasty dog that everyone else is all upons.

Bae0wolf said...

ha wow, yeah I agree, liver always reminded me of like cactus's flan but just kinda wrong haha

according to my sources insects are great b/c they're high in protein and really low in fats maybe that'll give you an incentive? (personally I wouldn't touch the stuff ha, I had a chance a year ago with silkworm larvae, but i passed and now i regret it.....=/)

Lora said...

I'm trying to decide which of these things is making me want to hurl the LEAST...and it is making the duck gizzard I accidentally ate seem positively delish in comparison. More rice, anyone?

Linda? said...

I feel bad for you guys. That list was purdy nasty... altho, i can add that the dog i tasted reminded me more of lamb-- kind of a gamey smell too. but i enjoyed it and hope u will too! maybe you should get it prepared in stew??