Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Glorious Snack

Yesterday, we went to the National museum to see this New Media art exhibit, which was really well put together, although it had a number of extremely creepy pieces. Since we had some time afterwards before going to a play nearby, we wandered over to the tourist trap that is Wangfujing street. On the way out we stopped by the snack stands lined up just outside Wangfujing. That's when I stumbled upon this:

(image from

At first it looked like some kind of strange fried crab or starfish, which wasn't an unreasonable assumption. However, upon closer inspection, I realized it was a fried egg with french fries sticking out of it. Extremely awesome. After buying one (5 yuan, about $.80) and biting into it, I discovered there's also some kind of hash brown/diced potatoes underneath the egg. To top it all off, they refry it for you when you order it. The vendor handed it to me sandwiched by a couple napkins which were quickly turning translucent. While the snack itself is delicious, at least for a few bites, as your heart beat slows, it quickly becomes unappetizing, so it's best not to eat it all by yourself. Next time you're at Wangfujing with a couple friends who are into that kind of thing....just do it.


Tawny said...

how did you find that glorious picture anyhow?! i mean, did you google "fried egg sandwich with french fries and hash browns in between" or is there actually a name for those things?

im glad you found a return bus immediately btw. and possibly a job. soon, you'll be a regular chinamen, and do China things such as form non-lines with ease.

Sariah said...

Dude, my little brother rocks. I love your stories. It's a good thing you're adventurous and aren't shy. I think I would be toast.

In Hong Kong after we had been there a month I was ok going to the mall by myself. I knew how to get there at least. But yeah, I like to stick with the familar.

Oh and I do like hashbrowns and fried eggs, but not sure if I could eat your snack. I would probably only like it if it were hot but I would have issuses with greasy hands.

Glad you made it to Bejing safely.

Gwynneth liked your postcard. She pointed at each of you and said your names. :)

J.Dou said...

haha...i believe i googled:

fried egg french fries potatoes wangfujing street beijing

and lucked out because ducktastesgood had posted a picture.

good times!

Bae0wolf said...

wow I wanna try to make that in my own kitchen now, how ingenious