Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Telephone Pictionary

Since it was a holiday on Monday but they still had class with me, I decided to play a game with some of my classes: Telephone Pictionary. For the unitiated, Telephone Pictionary is a game where everyone writes a word or phrase of their choice on a slip of paper, and then passes that with other papers so that people take turns drawing and then deciphering until it returns back to you. With the right group of people, hilarity ensues. Most of the students were either extremely unimaginative or cheaters, so there wasn't a whole lot of anything going on (although one guy drew a turd on top of a stem instead of drawing the flower he was supposed to. that had some promise), until one of my students decided to write "Josh" for his word. The guy after him drew this:

Hmm...apparently to my students I look like a long-haired overweight...axe murderer? I tried to ask him, "Why is there an axe in my hand?" But he couldn't tell me why. Definitely cause for concern. I guess 2 out of 3 ain't bad though :P.


tamela said...

hahahaha... oh that's hilarious!

hope you guys are well! miss you here, happy Easter!!

Amy said...

but which 2...?


maybe they were going for turd on a stick again and messed up.

J.Dou said...

hmm good point amy, maybe that's not an axe. it would make more sense that i'd be holding a turd on a stick.

Sariah said...

Hehe, I think it looks like you. That's the funny part. We used to do Telephone Charades. That's a good one too.

Katrina said...