Thursday, April 16, 2009

Up Sea

We've spent the past couple days being ShanghaiDou-s with our good friends Florence and Preston. They came to visit for a couple weeks, and since I had a few days off from work, we decided to take a short trip to Shanghai.

M had been through Shanghai a few years ago, but I'd only just flown into one airport and been bussed to the other.

We hit up a few of the touristy must-see spots, but mostly we've just been eating. And complaining about all the things that Shanghai has that Beijing doesn't. We're big whiners.

Hopefully we'll get around to a recap for y'all. I try not to blog too much while traveling; it makes me feel like a loser. Kind of sad, I guess, since one of my dream jobs is travel-blogging. But I guess if I was a travel blogger who blogged while traveling, I wouldn't be a loser...I'd be a blogger.

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