Thursday, August 21, 2008

Because I'm bored

I (Marilyn) thought I'd just post a quick update. Today is the first day in Beijing that I require some sort of jacket. (Besides in the overly air-conditioned classroom at BFA.) So, my little red hoodie that I usually wear almost everyday in the States has finally found its way out of my suitcase. (Yes, we are still using our suitcases because our wardrobe is small and crappy and the owners have yet to do anything about it.)

I started coming out to Caochangdi for my internship, and it's been fun. The people here are all really relaxed, a little quirky, and very nice and friendly. It's a completely different world from the rest of Beijing and a welcome change of pace for me. On most days, especially today because of the pouring rain, it's very quiet and peaceful.

I've been helping with translating some stuff, mostly film subtitles or program copy, and it takes me forever to do. It does help me practice my reading in Chinese, so that's pretty cool. The other day, the director who runs this place filmed my belly button.

According to our visas, Josh and I have to leave the country before Aug 28. Right now the most likely option will be a 30-hr train ride to Mongolia for about $120 (US). I may try to extend our visas sometime before then, but if that doesn't work, hopefully we'll have some cool pictures for you.

Also, we sprang for some tickets to the Athletics Finals Friday night, so we'll try and take lots and lots of pictures from inside the Olympic Green. Maybe try to chum it up with Matt Lauer? If any of you happen to watch the Today show Friday morning (7am, I think), you can keep your eyes peeled for a couple of beans.

That's all for now. Back to translating.

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Steve and Audrey said...

i love the flow of this post. red hoodie.. internship..translating.. then "filmed my belly button." what?!?!? random, but i love it. thanks for the entertaining posts!!!