Saturday, August 23, 2008

Olympic Teaser

We're back from our night of Olympic craziness. We had a blast. Of course, we'll post more later, but thought I'd put a teaser out there:

See if you can spot us in this video. Marilyn and I were alternating waving a green Jing Jing (the panda Fuwa) flag behind the camera during this interview. Eventually she sat on my shoulders, but most of the time she was on my shoulders the camera was on the volleyball player...

(if you, like us, are not in the US, then you'll have to use Hotspot Shield or something to watch it)


Tawny said...

i think i might have seen you wave the green flag! oh, how that glimpse warms my heart.

Sariah said...

Dude, I thought I saw a green flag that was on the left side of the screen at the start of the interview, but then it looked like a little kid had the flag later.

Anyway, still that's totally awesome you could be there.