Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Back to the Grind

After almost two weeks of a ghost-town, Beijingers headed back to work this week. Unfortunately for me, I'm among the group. I have an exciting couple weeks ahead, since I'm working English camp during the week while still working my usual weekend classes. It shouldn't be as bad as my crazy camp schedule over the summer, though.

The past two weeks we had a couple friends in town, so there were 3 of us guys and M all crammed into our studio apartment. I think M felt like a mother hen as she prodded 3 guys, all staring at their computers unresponsively. We also learned that our little toilet wasn't built for 4 :P.

On the Spring Festival front, the firecrackers have slowed a bit, but they'll be back for a finale on the last day of the festival. Apparently, after the Lantern Festival, no one will be able to light off fireworks, so everyone will be lighting off everything they have left. I'm hoping that all the fireworks stands, which are on just about every corner, will light off all their unsold stock. I'm sure they could pass it off as an 'accident'.

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