Friday, February 20, 2009

White Beijing

There's been a bit of fuss around here lately about a drought here in Beijing and surrounding environs. Apparently it hadn't rained in over 3 months, so when it finally rained last week, it was a bit of a relief. But I was a bit suspicious. Especially when it snowed for a couple days after that.

So when I read online that the rain (and snow) had been seeded, I wasn't so surprised. My theory is that they used up all their fall rain by shooting their rain-making missiles in the summer, so now they have to get a rain advance on their spring rain.

I don't mind the snow so much, although apparently a few of the highways around had to be closed. Hopefully the cold has refrozen the lakes so we can go icechairing again!


Florence said...

seeded....? As in... artificially produced? Call me ignorant but I had no idea this could happen. Geez.. haha

J.Dou said...

Yeah, they started doing it before the Olympics. Some areas of the states actually use seeding, farmers and ski resorts, I think, but they don't use it to this extreme.

Before the Olympics, it rained like crazy. I heard because the government wanted all the rain to clear the pollution out and also not fall during Olympic events.