Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kungfu Valentine

I'm not too big a fan of celebrating Valentine's day, but I've learned from past experience it's just better to play along than to take a stand. I wasn't expecting much out of the nation of China; however, apparently young Chinese couples go bonkers for Valentine's day here. People were all upons with flowers and chocolate and what have you.

Which made me feel a little bad that I had to work and hadn't really planned any festivities for the Missus. Some of my classes were canceled on account of my students going back to school this weekend, but I still had a few ones. Unfortunately for M, I was scheduled for class from 6-8pm.

I spent most of my Valentine's Day (poorly) drawing bad puns on the board for my students to mimic:

Yes, that's a sad sad attempt at a panda. I had forgotten how the black/white pattern goes.

M and I met during a break in the afternoon; we walked to a nearby mall and encountered this bad boy:

This stage was set-up in the middle of the mall for an amateur fashion show, audience karaoke competition, kissing game, and more. We stuck around just long enough to watch this guy get his groove on and listen to a couple crowd members croon the latest Chinese love songs, before we decided to move along.

After I finished class, M and I had a nice Indian meal at a restaurant called Ganges. They have great food, but I'm not so stoked on the name since it calls up mental images like this Google image result (which I consider pretty tame as far as shots of the Ganges are concerned):


Amy said...

"i think you're magical"??! o.O
wow...and i mean, wow.

Amy said...

ok, i take that back. i realized i was still laughing at it after i navigated away from your page. "A" for effort. it'd probably work on me, now that i think about it. hah. (so sad.)

J.Dou said...

Haha thanks Amy. I gave the students paper and had them write some Valentine's sentences and draw some pictures. While they were drawing, I was just doodling on the board, that's when I drew Harry Potter (I'd been rereading book 6 just before class).

In another class I wrote "Every little thing you do is magic." instead, hehe.

Kat said...