Wednesday, October 01, 2008

B-Boy Throwdown

A few weeks ago we caught wind of a breakdancing competition going down at a this semi-underground club/venue; we couldn't pass this one up. We'd heard the hate ("Beijing's hip hop scene is lame..."), now it was time to see for ourselves. The prize wasn't half bad, so we were expecting Beijing's best b-boys to show up.

M's been lagging on posts (to her credit, she's been really busy helping at the arts space with the festival), but since she took all these pictures, you can pretend that this is from her.









It turned out to be a really fun night. We didn't always agree with the judges' choices on who won, but we're not really experts in the field. It was certainly an inspiration, though, as we've been bust-a-moving on the subway or bus. More on that later.


Ingrid said...

holy crap marbear, these pictures are flippin awesome.

M.dou said...

aww, ingo, you're making me blush. :P thanks for the encouragement...i'm just honing my skills so when we get back to the states, i can be the creepy extra photographer who just shows up to weddings in yours and jerry's trunk. dressed in josh's ninja suit.

jin&tonic said...

hey there~ found your blog through googling XD I'm in Beijing now (and will be for a long time haha) ~ any suggestions on where to go to see some bboy action i've seen skaters around but no breaking. btw, awesome shots!!

thanks ~

M.dou said...

hey jin,

just noticed your comment, thanks!

we caught this bboy competition at the yugong yishan, which is this quasi-underground venue that features everything from punk concerts and live folk to screenings of chinese independent film. and, apparently, breakdance competitions.

this one in particularly was put on by the Beijing Hip Hop Collective, so maybe you could try googling them to see if they have any other stuff going on.