Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Uh Oh

Is there such a thing as time release germy guys? After braving whatever bugs were causing Josh's symptoms for two weeks, I thought I had actually gotten off scot free. But, today I was hit with an extreme case of the sniffles, and I'm wondering if Josh's little buggers had been camping out in my fat cells, waiting to be released at just the right moment.

Apparently (and unfortunately), "just the right moment" is five days before embarking on a 30 hour train ride to Ulaan Baatar, where snow has already begun to fall. Yikes!

I've been wanting to post some nerdy academic stuff about my internship and the festival and such (you know, the REAL reason we're in Beijing for a whole year), but it will have to wait until after I hibernate for a couple days.

Good night!


Justin said...

bahhhhh, i'm sick too!!!

Shellcomber said...

Aw...hope you get well soon, Marilyn. Exciting that you're going to Mongolia! (I had to Google Ulan Batar...) For the visa thing, right?

maryellen said...

I am enjoying your blog. Hope you feel better and enjoy your trip. I am having lunch on Friday with the AA part of the CCS6. I'm sure they will update me on both of you.


Amy said...

oh NOES! i was feeling icky last week too. drink lots of water. green tea is good. =)

Big Happy said...

maybe it has a long incubation period