Thursday, October 09, 2008

Better or not?

So I thought I was feeling better, but then a few days later, I came down with the chills again. Got better again, then had more chills. Weird weird stuff. After a decent night's sleep, I feel like the worst is over, but then by late afternoon I'm cold as a...hmmm not sure what goes here.

Fingers crossed that I'm actually healed for good now. I've never had this strange set of symptoms; for all I know, I'm in an advanced state of pre-zombification and have already infected half of Beijing.'d better pick one of these up while you still can.


Mind of a Stranger said...

Aw. Hope you get better Josh!

Bae0wolf said...

You should probably go see a doctor about it no? If not I do have a book of life handy =D

Amy said...

hm...i hear you've been going to work too...hehehe. oh the damage you can do.

take care of yourself. lots of fluids. and i'm not sure what your other symptoms are, but honey, lemons and hot water is always a treat. =)