Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Updates

I'm happy to report that we haven't had any problems with the drain lately. We took a tip from Justin and poured Mr. Muscle drain dissolver down the drain. It's this crazy looking chemical that you pour down the drain, wait an hour, then chase it with boiling water and hope that it washes away all the gunk that shriveled up from getting beat up by Mr. Muscle and his chemical friends. We did a test load of laundry afterwards and it worked. Thankfully, if we have any problems, we can now call Joe the Plumber. Oh wait, he's not licensed...

Thanks for all of your notes of concern and sympathy. Clearly, playing the "drain card" really hit a chord with some of you. My favorite quote: when Jirat asked us on skype, "Okay, first of all...why haven't you moved yet?!" And I'd be lying if I said we didn't think about it. If only briefly.

I think I'm healthy again, too. At least I haven't had any crazy debilitating bouts of the chills lately. So, here's to health and clean drains!

It looks like we'll be trying to pull off that Mongolia trip next week, so wish us luck as we venture into the wild unknown. I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of Genghis Khan ;).

That's it, sorry I don't have anything exciting to post.

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