Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas?

In the past few days, the temperature has dropped significantly. Suddenly, Beijing is gloomy, cold, and drizzly. It rained a bunch this summer, but up until now it has always been a nice warm rain.

M and I have both only ever lived in China during the summer. This whole cold weather thing is new.

And as a San Diego kid, wet mid-50s weather means only one thing: Christmas! And to top it off, everyone around is preparing for a big holiday. Except in this case it's National Day/Week. Even after a white Christmas in Michigan, I still get my hopes up when the weather is like this, especially if people have started using their fireplaces, or in China's case, just randomly burning things.

But it certainly makes me long for these days:


Sariah said...

So where is that picture from? Nice shades by the way. Miss you guys. Whenever I have your blog up or pictures of you showing, Gwynneth says, "Aunty Mariwyn and Uncle Josh." She seems to like you guys for some strange reason. ;p

J.Dou said...

Awww Gwynneth! We miss you guys tons. That picture's from our honeymoon in Mexico. We found some comfortable-looking hammocks at the beach so I gave it a try.