Thursday, September 04, 2008

A New Addition to the Family

I've been telling Josh that I feel homesick and in need of comfort, and have been regretting not bringing any of our beloved stuffed friends from the states. He mentioned that maybe we could invest in a Jingjing (the panda fuwa) doll soon, or something else that might catch our fancy.

Well, we had just finished a pretty decent Indian buffet on Sunday afternoon before we walked out into this strange mall and noticed this guy sitting on a shelf:


Behold, Totoro. I've been wanting one of these guys for awhile now, but in the states he's always so expensive. This scruffy yet soft Studio Ghibli version (none of that fake crap that makes Totoro look like some sickly gray second cousin of Garfield) retailed for 120RMB, about $17.50 USD. That's a wonderful deal! I guess "made in China" doesn't always have to be a bad thing. :P

So now our furry friend gets in our way when we sleep at night (if you couldn't tell, he's quite rotund), but we don't mind much. It's a small price to pay for some good childlike comfort. I'm such a baby.

The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure Josh is even more fond of him than I am.


Jirat said...

He is sooooo cute!! I can totally imagine Totoro rolling around in between you guys in bed. I also imagine him breathing really heavily keeping you guys awake at night.

Katrina said...

HAHHHAAHHAHHHAHHAAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that thing is HUGE!!!! what's his name (besides totoro)?

Florence said...

aww! Totoro!! I know how much u like that guy.. he's huge. hehe. So cute.. now it'll always remind you of Beijing.

tricia said...

marilyn! you and josh crack me up! i love reading this blog every now and again. i can picture everything happen as i read. sounds like you guys have had a lot of visitors already! anyway, hopefully i'll make it over there before you come back. miss you guys! stay safe and have fun!