Monday, September 08, 2008

Only in China (at home)

Last week sometime, Marilyn and I were walking into the elevator of our apartment complex when we noticed a new sign posted on the wall. Marilyn stopped to try and read it. "What's it say? Stop pooping in the hallways?" I asked half-seriously. Surprised, Marilyn replied, "Actually, yeah. Something like that. How'd you know?" I shrugged and walked into the elevator.

Wow. I tell you what. Wow.

To their credit, I will say that people in our building have a lot of babies and dogs, neither of which have the best record for not pooping in hallways. So I'm hoping that it's not the adults that are willfully defecating in our public areas. Those of you who have been to China know that the babies here usually have open pants so they can just poo and pee whenever and wherever they see fit. Think of it as an eco-friendly diaper.

This little guy is a particularly heinous example of Chinese baby dress. Basically a glorified bib...I guess it really ups the stakes for potty training. I'd like to point out that this shot was taken on the subway.


tamela said...

wow... are you having me on? that's quite something. i think i'd have to wear gumboots. i grew up walking knee high in cowpats so i could probably handle a bit of that if i had some sort of foot armor to protect me from all those cute little pooping babies on the subway!!

hmm... eco-friendly diapers, i could make some money off that here in berkeley :)

David said...

Crack baby!!