Friday, September 12, 2008

The post about how lucky we are

Our friend Justin arrived in Beijing today. We knew Justin from back home in Berkeley, and he's here studying abroad for a semester as part of his Cornell law degree. We were excited for him to arrive, so we spent some time yesterday "homifying" our apartment. Having guests is good for us, because it encourages us to keep our space nice and tidy(ish), and we love having a chance to use all the lessons we've learned so far about Beijing life (like how to set up a cell phone and other itty issues). Plus, it's just nice to have a familiar face around. :)

Now I know I've been a little bit of a mope about missing home (and all credit to Josh for putting up with my incessant whining), so imagine my absolute delight when Justin came bearing a veritable cornucopia of warm fuzzies from the Bay! Some of our lovely lovely friends took the time to piece together a lot of small but awesome things into a small but awesome care package that would fit nicely into Justin's luggage (which, by the way, got lost in Hong Kong on his way here, but luckily was delivered to our place as of 10pm tonight. Same day service!).

For one, Josh had mentioned that we were in need of a couple D batteries. (Our stove's starter runs on battery power, and every battery we've bought in China has lasted nary a few days before putzing out on us.) So, true to form, our friends delivered:
BAAYAMM! Looks like we'll be cooking (for the entire Chinese National Ping Pong League) to our heart's content without ever worrying that our stove won't start on us!

Then of course there's CHOCOLATE...mmm...

...and another kind of sweet: all manner of heartwarming notes and mini-memoirs that made us laugh and punch each other in the face with delight. (OK, so I fibbed about the punching part.) Plus, two CDs providing hours of listening pleasure!

...not to mention similar swag from another dear couple :)

...and a new friend for Totoro! Whom, of course, Totoro surveys with equal parts suspicion and fascination. (Man, our family is growing faster than you can say "Ortho Tri-cyclen!")

Finally, Josh and me enjoying our spoils. (We were just discussing our love for sour chewy candies with Justin over dinner!) Thanks for everything, loves!

All this transatlantic lovin' just serves as a huge reminder to me to stop being such a baby and suck it up already. Well, first it's a reminder that we are incredibly lucky to have some really amazing friends, but that other one is a good side effect, too. Lately, I've been feeling more and more alive here. It may have something to do with the temperatures and humidity dropping below "you-are-now-living-inside-a-very-wet-volcano" level as Fall kicks in, but I'm trying to make a point here. Point is, we really are blessed to be here in Beijing at such a fascinating moment, and at such a carefree point in our lives. Seriously, how many people get to travel the world and see things they've never seen before, plus have such supportive and loving friends and family to go home and tell all our stories to? Not very many, my friend. Not very many.

So to all our friends back home who think of us, pray for us, chat with us, skype with us, play mariokart with us, and all in all find every way to let us know that we are loved and missed, thanks. We couldn't do this without you. So come visit already so we can treat you to some good Beijing fun!


Ingrid said...

the more I see your pictures, the more I am convinced that you have a future in the exciting field of wedding photography.

haha i am so touched that you use precious bandwidth to visit my site and I'm so glad I'm funnier than an unfunny article writer. :)


Lora said...

hi guys;
wow, i totally empathize with many of your descriptions of feeling alone & lonely in a land foreign to yourselves! we have been in Paris since july 2nd, and tho it feels increasingly less alien, it is a sometimes (most times) overwhelmingly lonely existence. i too recognize it is an opportunity most never have available to them, but it can be a challenge to appreciate our "luckiness" when i just mostly feel sad. and so i won't be saying "suck it up" but rather BOO HOO! :)
au revoir- Lora