Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nice guys can finish first

So I spend so much time thinking about what's going on in China, and in China-U.S. relations, that I don't pay nearly as much attention to the Asian American scene in the states. I guess it's a different kind of struggle that the so-called Model Minority faces, and just because we're a heck of a lot more comfortable than our counterparts trying to make ends meet in Asia and Southeast Asia, it doesn't mean there isn't still progress to be made.

On that note, there's this little video outfit called Wong Fu Productions that many of you have probably seen before. They started out making spoof music videos and developed a pretty big following over the years, especially after their breakout short "Yellow Fever" hit YouTube. Now, they're setting up to make some pretty big splashes in the Asian American culture scene, and hopefully in more mainstream culture as well. (That's part of my frustration with the whole issue...the glass ceiling is never more apparent than in the entertainment industry. And maybe the NBA.)

Anyway, my little brother entered a contest that Wong Fu is running. The competition's theme is based on a recent Wong Fu short about a "Nice Guy", and encourages participants to riff on the concept that "Nice is never out of style." Check out the video below, and pass it on if you feel like being nice. (Btw, my brother is the one who looks like me, but a man.)

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